Good question, I'm still trying to figure that out. Remember when we/our parents would 
save newspapers and magazines to 
 remember significant events?

We have lost that now that so many 
 publications have gone 100% digital.

site is an exploration of that idea.

It makes recurring screenshots of different/
popular/niched news sites and magazines from around the world.

It builds on the simple screenshot site, a separate open-souce screenshot-as-a-service project.

Similar Projects

I should mention the Newseum's "Todays Front Pages" site had the same idea long before I did. This exists in the context of a proper Mesuem with dedicated resources and curators. Their front pages are really nice, high fidelity PDFs of the dailies. They also offer mobile applications. Check them out!

About Me

Hi, I'm Sam Texas, and this is my side project.

It is build using Django, Docker, Selenium, and a smattering of other libraries.

The whole site runs on a sinlge server from Scaleway. Images are stored on their new Object Sotrage (S3 Compatible).